Meet Ryp – The Cutest Member of The Canucks Roster!

The Vancouver Canucks are proud to partner with BC Guide Dogs to sponsor a litter of puppies and raise a service dog this season. After training is completed, this Canucks pup will work with a visually impaired client, a child with autism, or a veteran/First Responder living with OSI-PTSD.

Service dogs play a vital role in our community by improving the quality of life for many, including assisting in mobility, lowering stress, and increasing happiness. But they are in high demand. The Canucks pup is a special opportunity to help meet this need and make a positive impact in our community.

To us, the name Ryp represents the ultimate teammate. Ryp is courageous, kind, determined and supportive. He is a helper. We know Ryp will make a tremendous impact on the life of his forever teammate following his training.

A hockey hero, a son, a brother, an uncle, a teammate, a friend – former Canuck Rick Rypien meant so much to so many. He accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time, and has left a legacy of support that has helped countless fans around the word through the Hockey Talks program.

To honour the work Rick had intended to do, Hockey Talks was created to help provide resources to kids and youth experiencing mental health issues, and to have it talked about like any other illness or injury. You can find out more at

BC Guide Dogs urgently needs volunteers in the Vancouver area to help raise puppies that will become life-changing dogs for blind/visually impaired individuals, children with autism and Veterans & First Responders with OSI-PTSD. Volunteers will receive training, supplies and support from staff.