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Fin’s Favourites

Favourite Food: B.C. Salmon

Favourite Books: Moby Dick and Fin’s Friends books

Favourite Movies: Orca and Free Willy

Favourite Charity: Canucks For Kids Fund

Favourite Websites:, Canucks Kids Club

Least Favourite Team: Hartford Whalers

Hangouts: Rogers Arena, Canuck Place, Aquarium, Sea Wall

Special Skills: Shooting mist from his blowhole, playing goal (“Flops Like a Whale” style), signature head-bite, cheering on the Canucks!

Did You Know?

FIN is not a SHARK! I get many people calling me “Sharkie”!

You want a shark go to San Jose. I am all whale baby… even better I am a mammal and
actually ‘eat’ fish.

I do well over 100 appearances every year and this does not include Canucks games. I have made appearances at weddings, community events, and birthday parties (ranging from 1 to 90 years old). I even travel to other cities. I have been to Florida, New York, Montreal, and Toronto. Not to mention many beautiful places all over British Columbia. From my experiences this truly is B.C.’s team

I get many people asking why I never come to their sections at games. I can only tell you that I do my best to visit everyone, but I do have a game night itinerary which often requires me to be at certain places at specific times.

Who is your favorite player?

I really do not have any favorites. I can tell you that they are all a bunch of great guys.

Fast Facts

– Killer whales have sound reception or hearing through the lower jaw through the soft tissue and bone surrounding the ear.

– Killer whales have acute vision both in and out of the water (especially for popcorn at Rogers Arena).

– Killer whales breathe through a single blowhole on the dorsal surface of their heads.